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May 14, 2009
Toni & Guy's Kenneth is about to turn me into a princess.

Toni & Guy's Kenneth is about to turn me into a princess.

“So what kind of prom “look” do you want?” asks Kenneth, a funky-dressed hairdresser from Toni & Guy, as he cringes over my frizzy locks.

“Um…the EASIEST thing you can do,” I say. “Something I could do myself at home.”

Half an hour later, I look in the mirror and feel like a little princess.

Last week, my colleague Zoe Mak and I got our hair done for a prom photo shoot (check out the prom issue this Sunday. It kicks butt.)

Prom, for the uninitiated, is a formal (black tie) dance, usually held in your last two years of high school/secondary school. Hopefully your school has one too. Love it or hate it, prom is usually a big deal in your teen years.

I went to prom in 1999 (that makes me how old?) with my former high school crush…(who now lives on the other side of the planet and recently contacted me on Facebook!).

I was psyched when he asked. “You have to look GOOD,” my best friend told me. So my girlfriends and I spent months- MONTHS- trying on prom dresses, testing makeup looks, worrying about our hairdos. Needless to say I didn’t do so well, grade-wise.

Then I couldn’t sleep for days thinking about getting all glammed up. On the day of the dance my girlfriends and I all got together at someone’s house, hours before, just to get ready. It was so fun. We looked so grown-up in our long ball gowns and dangly earrings.

By the time the dance started I was pretty sick of prom. We all were, so my girlfriends and I ended up spending the whole night taking photos of ourselves! We just wanted to make sure we’d have memories to look back on in 10 years.

I think I only danced to one song, and I felt so sorry for our dates…but we all looked pretty (I flipped through those old photos recently)! 🙂 But looking back, it’s a little sad that my only memory of prom night was smiling for the camera…

This Sunday, Young Post is going to be all prom’d out: pages of prom fashion, hair and makeup tips, related movies, music, relationship advice, etc. It’s going to be one of the best issues Young Post has ever had, mostly thanks to our in-house prom experts, Miss Zoe and Miss Karly Cox.

In it you’ll how to look pretty, how to act gentlemanly, how to make your hair look wonderful…what you won’t learn though, is how to have fun at the prom itself. Only you can teach yourself that. But a word of advice: don’t spend all your time in front of a camera, making memories. You’ll just end up missing out on the stuff that makes real memories.

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