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Playing With Girls

July 20, 2009

Hey Hong Kong readers!

How have things been going over on that side of the world? I have been having lots of fun here in the United States. I just spent a week at the Digit Murphy Hockey School for girls in Chicago.

Last week was intense and overwhelming, but a lot of fun all the same. It was a huge shock coming back to playing with girls my own age. They skate so much faster than those lazy boys with whom I play, they play a much harder game and their stick handling skills are really quite amazing. They are quick with the puck and on their feet. It was hard to adjust to, I tell you!

First time in the locker rooms was definitely an interesting experience. I have to say, girls in the United States listen to the most horrid music! The rap songs were vulgar and not very appealing musically, but I think this gets them pumped for practices and games. I was the only girl out of thirty from overseas, and I had gained the nickname ‘Hong Kong’ by the end of the week by those who could not remember my name. Is it really that hard?

I met quite a few really neat girls, but a couple really stuck out. There was Katie Case (awesome name) who was one of the best defensemen I had ever seen in my life. She wore bright neon orange hockey pants. Yes, Orange! She told me her team also had to wear neon bright orange socks, gloves, and jerseys. They were the color of her team, but still. The first time I saw them I laughed, they were so… out there!

Then, there was Burman, first name Lindsay. She was a BEAST on the ice, I swear. She was a crazy fast skater, and had one of the hardest shots I had experienced from a girl. Yes, she scored on me quite a few times. But, please remember I also saved some of her shots too! She always put 150% into the game, and she had the most amusing stories in the post game hot tub.

Stausy was also another goalie, very spunky and quite small, a tiny little thing, only 4 feet 11 inches! But was she quick, wow. A really great goalie! What she lacked in height, she made up for with speed!

And of course, last but not least, Ella, who shares my undying love for Jesse McCartney!

Stay tuned for next week. Thanks for reading!

Your faithful goalie,
‘Hong Kong’

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