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Welcome to the Dress Code

November 12, 2009

GloriaGloria is a student at Li Po Chun United World College, but she’s also a fashionista.

Left, one of her designs.

I love fashion but I wince when I say it out loud. Not that it’s something to be ashamed of but I’ve seen too much of the same sentence uttered from different shades of gloss clad lips (followed by a reflexive roll of the eyes and flick of the hair) in 18 years of my lifetime. But yes, I love fashion and the relationship has been pretty stable since I was 14.

So I’m going to kick this off with my humble take on fashion rather than another commentary on this season’s ‘It’ bags. 1) because I don’t feel particularly rich right now and 2) because my infatuation with fashion is a very personal journey in which I constantly try to shape it into a less ‘superficial’ word.

I first started doing art this February (not counting my lame attempts at imitating Monet in F1) and I dived right into fashion design from there. It could be summed up in one word – mad. There I was, holding a $19.9 sewing kit and a bunch of math notebooks (my ‘fabrics’) along side ten other students who spoke of exotic artist names and complicated brushstrokes – whereby I contributed a pretty dumb ‘um… eh?’. What are you thinking Gloria Yu, I distinctively remember asking myself.

So I started from everything and anything I could get my hands on – my experiences of studying in a prestigious all-girls local school for eleven years, of arriving at a boarding school and being handed something glittery called ‘freedom’, and inspirations from everything I see and hear. I read every single day. I quote Oscar Wilde. I never wear make-up and I can talk about Hussein Chalayan (or food) forever and ever. From there and then, I learned how to express myself through every fold and crease of a dress and every shade of color I scatter across a garment. I see, hear, feel fashion everywhere.

And now? I still barely know how to handle a sewing machine nor know my art ‘-ism’s. But I learned, and am still learning through every stitch I sew – taking art, and thus plunging into fashion is really the best thing freedom in this school has done for me so far.

Well, enough about myself… now that I get the idea across that I’m not your usual fashion dumb blond, I can go back to being superficial again. Ha. Or not… we’ll see.

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