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Say ‘no’ to indecency on TV

November 12, 2009

shutterstock_18756385by Shek Tsun-lam, POCA Wong Siu Ching Secondary School

I think there has been too much indecency on Hong Kong television lately.

In a  beauty competition broadcast on TV this year, for example, the  hosts were commenting on the competitors’ bosoms, which I found shocking. I have even seen a cookery show  with the theme  ‘pretty girl’®.

These might sound like small things, but gradually they affect the values of our society. If we let them continue,  soon it will all seem like acceptable behaviour. This kind of programming is a very bad influence on children. Without parental guidance, they might think  what they are seeing is correct behaviour.
The government should take this problem more seriously. The Broadcasting Authority should take action, such as banning indecent programmes.

Programme producers should also exercise self-discipline.

Hong Kong is a free and liberal city, but there are laws and there is no excuse for  indecency in  popular culture. Let’s ensure decency on television.

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  1. Susan Ramsay permalink
    November 13, 2009 1:36 pm

    The problem with this sort of thing is that it is demeaning to women. It devalues them as objects to be discussed like cars or handbags. It is a mindset that can creep into a community and destroy girls’ sense of self worth.

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