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The dilemma faced by the mainland

November 17, 2009

map china_blogBy Derek Tsang, SKH Lam Woo Memorial Secondary School

Turn on CNN or the BBC and you can get a glimpse of scandals  about and mistakes made by the governments of the United States and other leading countries. Turn on the news on the mainland and what you see is almost entirely positive news. YouTube, for example, is blocked because the government doesn’t want its people to see riots and protests.

By removing access to information, the government seems to be trying to prevent critical thinking. But all this will do is slow  the mainland’s realisation of its full potential. 

I think the government should give full access to websites to its people.
Also, the gap also between the wealthy and the poor is wide.

A relatively small number of large companies control the market and there are basically no trade unions fighting to improve low wages and poor working conditions. These are urgent problems.

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  1. November 16, 2009 4:19 pm

    Thank you for your letter, Derek. Yes, it does seem there are many things “wrong” with the mainland. But, if we realise how unstable the country is, we can sympathise with the caution of the government in wanting to control what its people see and hear.

    China has gone through brutal and destructive uprisings and wars in the past. It has only been in this time of relative peace, harmony and stability that the mainland has grown and modernised at such a fast rate.

    One could argue if the government had not kept such a tight rein on its people, these advances would never have been possible. It is a very interesting debate. Let’s see what other readers think.

    Susan, Editor

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