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Face up to your fears bravely

November 17, 2009

fear copy

By Lau Shuk-yan, Pooi To Middle School

I watched a TV programme on panic disorder recently.  The disorder can lead to significant changes in behaviour and negative social experiences for sufferers.
I think many most people suffer from some kind of fear. For me, it is snakes. I am really scared of them – even when I see a photo of a snake, I feel dizzy and breathe faster. We should try to overcome our phobias by facing up to them bravely.

SPEAK UP! Tell us what you’re most afraid of

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  1. Dorothy permalink
    November 29, 2009 12:24 pm

    I’m most afraid of cockroaches and lizards. I’ve got a nightmare in which I turned on the lights of my room and saw a lizard fell into the black of my wardbrobe. This happened thrice in real life. I was really frightened by that. When I moved my house, I moved the wardrobe also. Surprisingly, it was so clean without “lizards’ corpse”. I have no idea whether the story was real or fake.
    Cockroaches are really horrible with their two tentacles sticking out. It’s so ugly! My heart beats very quick when I see them. Some of them move very quickly and some even fly. It’s hard for me to face them.

    These insects come out in summer usually. That’s why I hate this season and hot days. But I’ll try to overcome phobias. As a animal-lover, I’ll not kill the pests although they’re quite horrible. It’s cruel to kill them, thus I’ll guide them to another place:]

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