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Beauty contests serve their functions

November 20, 2009

By Ken Lau Kin-lok,

winner of the “Write with a View” Writing Competition 2008-2009, organised by the HKU SPACE Community College and the SCMP

Topic: Various forms of beauty contests can be found in different parts of the world. Some believe that beauty contest is harmful to society and should be banned, while others believe it provides good entertainment and business opportunities. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Having run over generations, beauty contests are now almost omnipresent. Nonetheless, some critics think these contests promote skin-deep beauty as a connate asset in contempt of people’s virtues and intelligence. They are especially stimulant to youths, who may easily neglect study for chasing after their fantasies of being beauty idols. Henceforth, does beauty harbour sharper ugliness behind? 

   All people are born uniquely. One is bound to stand on a vantage ground if he dedicates into a field which coincides with his strengths. When we have good reason to support a singer for his gifted voice, it is so questionable that some others cannot earn recognitions by their pleasant semblances. Next, if we feel comfortable to appreciate the superficial beauty of such dead substances as paintings and architectures, why should we refrain from admiring the same via mankind? Besides, beauty contests usually comprise different sessions like eloquence tests and art performance. Apart from looking attractive, therefore, the contest victors must be variously talented. 
Entering beauty contests may affect teenagers’ academic progress, but it lies within their discretion to judge whether the price is worth. While students nowadays are encouraged to join manifold competitions which may be irrelevant to study as are beauty contests, it is blind to discriminate against the latter alone. Victory will leave no regret; but even if they lose, encountering the failure direct is always an effective way for youths to quell their burning but unrealistic desire. Adolescents, unlike children, should be responsible of making proper use of time and identifying suitable goals themselves.

Most importantly, a beauty contest favours all parties in it. Organizers can boost their reputation and reap profits whereas sponsors may take occasion to advertise. The contest secures high audience rate because it is popular for the extensive viewers. Otherwise, neither of the two main TV channels in Hong Kong will host it every year. Lastly, it brightens its contestants’ career prospect. Not only is it a convenient access to entertainment industry, but it may also ease their paths to other circles by making them more well-known. 

One beauty contest generates triple benefits. To ban it is to spoil business opportunities, curtail public entertainment and delimit social gateways for young beauties. Instead of luring youngsters to fling aside their own duties, beauty contests are just offering a chance. Yet, teenagers ought to learn keeping their feet on the ground. From end to end, yearn for beauty is no more than human nature and its contests should naturally persist to delight every of their partakers.


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