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Writing in the dark

November 26, 2009

Christina Wong Ming-Yan has defied blindness and written four books. (read Movers & Shakers in Young Post, Nov 26)

Do you think Wong is the perfect role model for Hong Kong youth? What lessons has she taught us?

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  1. Dorothy permalink
    November 29, 2009 12:02 pm

    I think that Christina Wong is really a great, sturdy and hardy person. She is a perfect role model for Hong Kong teenagers.

    Although Christina is blind, she was still able to write four good books including “The Girl Steps towards the Rainbow” and “LOVE is what we treasure” etc. to ‘move and shake’ Hong Kong teenagers. The novels encourages youth to work hard despite challenges and obstacles. Behind her achievements, she must have been putting plenty of effort.

    Christina is the first visually impaired writer, as well as multimedia creator in Hong Kong. Her optic nerves were infected when she was only 8 months old, she became blind. Although she was blind, she had much perseverence, optimism and enthusiasm towards her work and life.
    Christina has been representing Hong Kong for various events. She, through her book, motivates youth to get the power to face life’s difficulties, and spread the deep, important message to every corner of the community.

    Christina has influences me quite a lot. I believe that with God, nothing is impossible! Even though people are disabled, they can strive for high goals. We should not give up easily like many Hong Kong teens did. Never commit suicide and break God’s commandments. Life is a great gift graciously given at birth, so we should treasure this present.

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