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Form Six blues

December 9, 2009

By Wong Chun-yin

I am a Form Six student in Sheung Shui. I have heard people describe Form Six as a “honeymoon year”. I totally disagree. The subjects are much more difficult, especially science and English. English is so hard it makes me nervous. Even Chinese has become much more difficult.

After three months of Form Six, I still cannot adapt. It is affecting my confidence. What can I do?

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  1. January 25, 2010 4:51 pm

    i think u can spend more time to study,less time for play,may be better to learn!!!

  2. Manfred permalink
    December 23, 2009 8:39 am

    The only purpose of a two-year A Level life is to study for entering university. This must be kept in mind and fulfilled in priority. Doing good in this area will make you comfortable and strengthen your confidence. In other than that, you should get fun from them, not stress. If you are stressful now, either simply quit some activities or improve yourselves, such as time managment, work/read effectiveness and efficiency. Under the condition that your study are not being affected and some improvement are made, you can go back in extra curricular activities and make your school life more fruitfull.
    I am a father of Form-6 students. Remember you are all young and getting stronger everyday, hoping not just physically, but also mentally. Be good luck, boys and girls!

  3. Russell Lai permalink
    December 15, 2009 10:00 pm

    Form Six life is not as difficult as you think

    After reading the articles from the Young Post Forum on the internet, I feel sorry that art students in Fung Kai Liu Man Shek Tong Secondary School are having heavy workload, and they generally think that they can hardly strike a balance between study and extra-curricular activities.

    I am a Form Six EAS student and studies in maths group. I would like to share my view at a different angle – as an EAS student.

    I understand most people think that EAS students have no stress at all. It seems that they are free to play all day and organize many activities. It may be unfair for me to leave a comment here. But the fact is that, being the top student in the class, I need to make sure that my academic work is excellent. At the same time, I am the chairperson or committee of four different organizations. Everyday revision, projects, exercises, tests, quizzes, etc., are already part of our life. That is, we should not consider these as extra work so that we will not gain pressure.

    You may wonder how this can be done. This is actually a matter of speed and efficiency. Of course, good time management is needed but it is more important to do things quickly and precisely and be prepared for unexpected changes. For example, practice more on how to recite quickly by using a better method of thinking and remembering and try to write fast but tidy, to prevent us from getting lost in the unreadable words. We need to accept difficulties and be brave to face challenge. The tougher problem we encounter, the stronger sense of satisfaction we gain. If life is unalterable, why not seek fun from it?

    It is hard to talk about all the methods, but the main point is that things will be more difficult if we think that it is.

  4. December 11, 2009 4:08 pm

    By Maggie Lam

    Jackie thinks life in Form Six can be beautiful if we can enjoy our school life.

    I am also a Form Six student, but I don’t think joining the extra-curricular activities can really reduce our stress. Undoubtedly, taking part in clubs or societies can broaden our horizons and improve our communication skills.However, we may also get stress through organising the activities . We have to spend so much time on the duties of the club and at the same time, we have to write essays, do revision after school so how to strike a balance between study and activities?

    It is easy to say having a good time managemant can make our school life beautiful but it’s hard to put theory into action. I always want to handle my study and duties in societies well but I discovered when I finished the duties about the school activities, it was too late and I did not have time to do revision because there were still a lot of homework which I hadn’t done .

    It is difficult for us to adjust to the new school life, we work so hard for going to Form Six but when I can be a Form Six student , I found there is still a long long distance between Form Six and Universities. I have tried to participate in different activities to reduce my stress but I think I get more pressure after joining the clubs so what can i do?

  5. December 9, 2009 1:12 pm

    By Jackie Lo Kwan-kei, Ho Fung College

    Life in Form Six can be beautiful

    Chun-yin thinks Form Six is not a “honeymoon year” and has found it difficult to cope with the workload.

    I am a sixth-former, too, and have heard about the expression. Form Six may not be a honeymoon year, but still there are many ways to enjoy school life.

    It is true we have to organise school activities while studying for the A-levels. But by joining clubs and societies, we can widen our horizons and enhance our leadership skills.

    We can cope with this. We just need to strike a balance between study and extra-curricular activities. We need to have good time management and only attend tutorial classes if necessary.

    Being a Form Six student is not easy, but we should find ways to make school life beautiful. I hope all sixth formers enjoy their time at school and make the most of it.

    • December 11, 2009 4:39 pm

      By Rita Cheong Tsz-yee, Fung Kai Liu Man Shek Tong Secondary School

      Form Six life is stressful

      Jackie think that the life in Form six is beautiful, and said that we can have fun by organising the activities.

      I am a form six student too.I partly agree Jackie.I believe that we could have fun by organising the club and societies,we would get many chances to boraden our horizon an enhance the skills of leading.
      However,we not only have the fun in form six life,but also many difficulties we need to face.

      We need to submit many project or essay that we have not been do it.Moreover,there are many tests and quizes.We all know that if we could strike a balance between study and extra-curricular activties,but saying is easier than doing!

      Take myself as an example,I feel very stressful as my school life.It is because I need to face many quizes and homework,i also need to organise the activities for my club.There are many things that i must do it.It is not the matter that I do not enjoy my life in form six,is the matter that i cannot throw away my pressure.

      I enjoy my time at school,but at the same thime I feel qite nervous.I hope that it is the problem that I have not adjust to the life in A-levels.

    • December 11, 2009 4:46 pm

      By Tammy Lau Nga Wun, FKLMSTSS

      Not easy to make our school life beautiful

      Jackie said that there are many ways to enjoy our school life and we only need to have good time management,these can help us to make our school life be more beautiful.

      I am a form six student and i’m studying in art class.I do not think that it is easy to have a good time management.Art students always need to write essays,sometimes we have to handle a few of essays and other homework during a few days,so we always be tired and do not have enough time to get rest.

      Also,joining clubs and societies can enhance our leadership skills,it is undoubted,but,i do not think that is a really good way to widen our horizons.I am also a chairperson of the history club,sometimes i feel tired and annoyed when i am organising activities for the schoolmates because they do not know our feeling and give respects to us.

      Moreover,our school teachers is not always able us to hold activities outside school,we just can stay at school and watch the DVD,so l do not think it is a good way to widen our horizons.

      I know we need to strike a balance between study and extra-curricular activities,but i just want to mention not every students think it is easy to do that,especially to the art students.

    • December 11, 2009 4:47 pm

      Vivienne Chan, Fung Kai Liu Man Shek Tong Secondary School

      Hardly school life but I still enjoy it

      Jackie thinks being a Form Six student is not easy but we could make our school life to be beautiful.However ,I think it is so hard for me to do it.
      I am a Form Six student too but I do not agree with Jackie.

      It is so hard for me to have spare time to relax or having extra curricular activity.I feel exhausted and becoming more and more stressful.I need to handle lots of homeworks and quizes and do revision every day.It is so hard for me to have spare time to having extra curricular activity because I am hardly to handle my schoolworks as well.Just like what Jackie said,’Form Six is not a “honeymoon year”.

      Although being a Form Six student is so hard,it is also remarkable.I will remember the school life forever and I know there will not have second chance for me to study so hard after gurated. Therefore,I would also enjoy my hardly school life .

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