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Overseas study is an opportunity and risk

January 7, 2010

By Lam Yuen King, Buddhist Ching Kok Secondary School

Nowadays, more parents can afford to send their children overseas to study.

But studying abroad has both benefits and drawbacks for students.

Being away from home can teach students to be independent.

It can also widen their horizons as they learn more about another culture.

However, some students may not be mature enough to live on their own, and they may suffer from homesickness.

They may become isolated from their foreign peers if they don’t have the language skills to communicate well or they don’t understand the culture.

And if they have no one to turn to, they may start feeling lonely and desperate.

Students should think carefully before deciding to study overseas.

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  1. anonymous permalink
    January 18, 2011 11:40 pm

    Well, yes, I agree with what has been already written, but I think that we’ve got to remember the advantages and disadvantages will vary from person to person. For example some people think that being with people they don’t know will be a disadvantage due to inadequate knowledge of languages and culture, but for others, regardless of these aspects it would be a chance to widen their social circle. Some may like the chance to be away from their family to become independent, but you can also become indepent whilst staying with your family; it is entirely possible.

    I think you should consider the type of person in regard to going overseas for university or not.

  2. nono permalink
    January 10, 2010 3:24 pm

    In my opinion , it is apparent that the drawback in Overseas study is bigger than reference with your article,i am totally in favor of your point of view(such as becoming more independent, broadening your horizon,by comparison with study locally, it seems conducive ,but it is completely at variance with the principle of maintaining the harmony of a family.
    As you said”The place where you will be study is strange to you and probably make you lonely.”However, not only do you feel lonely , but likely your parents,brothers and sisters find themselves depressed , this is an phenomenon on the part of you , because she study abroad.they mean to see you but they can’t.pitiful were they.
    Contrary to studying aboard ,studying locally on no account let students be up against this puzzled problem.In consequence of the chance of getting alone with your family members , you are able to build up a impeccable relationship , in turn , students will get a better academic result .
    Along with the above-mentioned , the cost to study abroad is surprising.Studying abroad is a action which needs astronomic fee, if you are irrespective of your financial competence , for want of tuition , students will be evicted from the school and the nation.
    studying aboard at a expense of relationship with family and astronomic money is stupid.
    So,contemplate meticulously previous to studying aboard!

  3. January 8, 2010 6:08 pm

    By Tsoi Wing Kwan, Christian Alliance S C Chan Memorial College

    Have you ever thought about studying oversea? Actually, there are many advantages when you got this chance. Besides the enrichment of your knowledge, you can learn to be more independent, sociable and also broaden yours horizons.

    Studying oversea needs to live with host family or boarding. This helps you to learn how to stay with others. Moreover, tidying up your bed in every morning is a must. It is impossible to think that your mum will help you. Then, You will become more independent!

    The place where you will be study is strange to you. You will know more about their culture and just do in Rome as Rome does. During the school time, you need to chat and speak more with classmates to have more new friends so that you won’t be lonely when you are having school.

    Most parent worry about their child may get homesick and want to go home. Fortunately, the advanced technology can solve this problem! Parent can chat with their child through msn and have a short meeting in web cam. Therefore, children won’t yell for going home.

    Have you decided where to go for study now?

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