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Society should be free of man-made danger

January 8, 2010

By She Chin Ching, Christian Alliance S C Chan Memorial College            

It is shattering to see that people threw knifes and even hammers down the street and endangered the life of every passers-by’. 

To make the matter worse, this kind of incidents seem to increase in different districts.

I wonder why those people have such inconsiderable behaviours.  Do they want to murder the others? Are they doing this just for fun or out of boredom? 

No matter what the reasons are, if the one who get hurt is a member of their family, I dare to say that they wouldn’t like it.  They need to put themselves into other’s shoes!

To tackle the problem, I sincerely hope that the government will enhance the number of patrol and install covers to protect the safety of the residents.

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