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Visual art are part of my life

January 8, 2010

By Yuki Lau, Christian Alliance S.C. Chan Memorial College

There are many forms of visual art: painting, photo, video……

In our daily life, we always contact with those form of visual art. I think everyone can be artists even though your have never study in visual art. God gives everyone a present that everyone is different. We have different ideas and feelings on the same thing. Visual art is a media to express your feelings or opinions. 

Anything can be your drawing targets. Anytime you can catch the most beautiful moment by a camera or draw down by a pencil. You don’t need to buy many expensive drawing tools; you just need a pencil and one piece of paper. Anywhere can be your studio.

I’m not good at drawing; I always have many creative ideas. I love drawing because I want to draw down the things I like, the beautiful scenes and people’s smiles. I want to give them lives in my drawings by my hands. I have never thought my paintings must be admitted by other people, maybe there is no one thinks your painting is good at that time, that period. Just like Picasso, his paintings are no one admires at that time, but now everyone knows what “Starry Night” is.

My paintings are one part of my life, they are my memories. Never mind your painting must be good looking! Even ugly paintings, they reflex your feelings. Let’s try to draw anything you like and you will fall in love with visual art.

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