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Think before you buy a pet

January 11, 2010

By Wan Man Wai, Wendy, S.K.H. Li Fook Hing Secondary School

Hong Kong people are becoming more responsible by getting pets from reputable breeders rather than form pet shops.

As we all know, keeping pets isn’t similar to playing online games. Owners need to take care of their pets after getting them.

Also, keeping pets need a lot of money and effort in order to keep them healthy and happy. Especially when pets are still cubs, owners have to spend a lot of time with them and they need to spend a lot money so that they can get the initial health requirements and vaccinations.

What is more, owners need walk their pets regularly with to lead them into a happier and healthier life.

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  1. March 9, 2010 5:36 pm

    Pets are being abandoned or treated poorly

    By Jasmine, True Light Middle School Of Hong Kong

    Nowadays many cats and dogs are being abandoned or treated poorly by their irresponsible owner. Some pet owner even eat their pets. I think this is very terrible,think of that if you were the pet,what will you think about? Humans sometimes are really horrible,they can do thing that you have never image about. Do you ever heard of that some pets owners rape their pet? It is really abnormal! I really can’t understand what are the pet onwer thinking about.

    Why are some pet being treatd badly? There are plenty of reasons. One of the reason is that some people have not consider carefully before they have the pet, so now they are too busy to take care of their pet. Also, some of the pet owners beat their pet since they have no were to let off their stress on their daily life and work , so that they heat their pet to make them feel better. Moreover, a few pet owners don’t take care of their pet since they have aberrant personality.They like looking and hearing the poor look and sound make by the animals when they are possible die. The above problem is very serious in today society and these problems is very unacceptable.

    To avoid the problems,the first thing we should do is that we should have the human nature ( kindness ). We should walk on our pet shoes and think about their feeling. Secondly,government should set up law to protect the animals though they are not going to become endanger.

    Thirdly, government and volunteers should educate the public and our coming generation that we should protect the animals.

    Protecting animals and be a good pet owner is our responsibility , let us do it together now!

  2. March 9, 2010 5:30 pm

    Bethany Chu, True Light Middle School of Hong Kong

    I have seen a lot of news about the pet owners who always abuse their pets, for example hit them, beat them and do not give any food for them to eat. I felt so sad when I saw the newspaper.

    How can the pet owners do such things to their pets? I think everyone should be responsible to their pets.

    Keeping a pet is a serious activity because pet is a life so we should think carefully before we keep one.

    Firstly, we should think about do we have enough space for it to move freely because it have to run around.

    Then, we have to see that do we have enough money do buy different things it needs, just like food or toys.

    Finally, do not be rude to our pets and be a responsible pet owner.

  3. March 9, 2010 5:25 pm

    Ways to Make Pets’ Owners Be Responsible on Keeping Pets

    By Tse Yuen Wah, The True Light Middle School of Hong Kong

    Nowadays, many people like keeping a pet. But, most of the pets’ owners are irresponsible for the pets. They will bully the pets, stop feeding them, don’t take bath with them or even abandon them. They keep pets just for short-term interest. Here are some ways to make pets’ owners responsible on keeping pets.

    Firstly, the government should increase the punishment of bullying and abandoning pets. Secondly, recording the pets’ owners’ personal information can help the abandoned pets to find their owners. Thirdly, the Education Department should educate the pupils to consider before keeping a pet and not to abandon it. Fourthly, the SPCA should propagate the aftermath of abandoning a pet via advertisement.

    At last, I remind all the pets’ owners not to abandoning pets and all the people who want to keep a pet should consider before keeping it.

  4. nono permalink
    January 13, 2010 6:27 pm

    Recently, there has been a lot of controversial and polemical argument about keeping pet. One says that pets are animals only , they can be treated like a toy. Despite these remark is referred to as answerability, On the contrary , the other say that the breeders are held responsible in that they are in charge of the puppy or dogs. No matter how heated the argument is , i am not on any account to change my standpoint in favor of sheltering the authority of pets.

    At the first sight , it is evident that the situation of the dogs are light-by-light in peril .many non-scrupulous dogs owner disregard their pets, even they are in want of edibles , for want of nutrition ,dogs must find themselves famished and pathetic are them , in comparison with mankind, how pitiful they are but how blessed and blissful humans are.

    for the sake of steaming and curbing the abuse or ignorance on the pets. I means to suggest a couple of solutions. In the first place, government should inculcate the awakening of protect pets from abusing. until now there are still many unconscionable breeder misusing the pets , it reflects the government have the need for instilling this scenes in the offspring. On top of this, stringent penalty should be added to this offences, the proverb said: more stringent the laws, much better the situation ,government , together with citizens cannot be off their guard, on no account give in to crime.

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