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Julie & Julia

January 18, 2010

  By Carrie Lau,  Yan Chai Hospital Law Chan Choi Si college

I’ve seen Julie & Julia this weekend , as I’m a fanatics of  Meryl Streep . I thought this movie may be boring because it is a biography film but it was truly out of my expectation. I think this movie was fabulous and spectacular. I was very hungry when I was watching this movie , I love the way Meryl Streep playes Julia Child. She is so talented and she even speaks with French accent in the movie and every time I saw Julia , it always made me laugh. I think I fell in love with cooking after watching this film. It makes me understand that cooking can also be a very happy things but more important is the film wants to tell us “ never to give up, anything can be possible!’. Julie was failed to follow Julia’s recipe , nevertheless she keeps on trying and eventually she finished her challenge “ 365 days 524 recipes’  and get a chance to publish her story.

I’m a person who easily gives up but this film has taught me to stand up when you failed.

I’m highly recommend this film to people who loves to eat and to cook .

 “ Bon appétit’ – Julia Child

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