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The half-yearly exams are behind us. Let’s pause

February 1, 2010

By Wong Sze Cheuk

 As the half- yearly examination passed by, it means that the school year has finished a half already. So, I think it is time for a reflection.

Do you have great results this time? If no, do not worry because I am going to share with you my experiences in studying Mathematics and Science. I always score badly in Mathematics examinations but I ranked second in class this time.

I had this improvement because I finally found some ways to help myself. Firstly, I attended some extension classes so that I can learn in those classes before my teacher teaches them and so I can have better understanding during lessons. Secondly, I did more supplementary exercises to see more types of questions so I will not be nervous during the examination even when I meet some difficult questions, and hence I can have better performance.

In Science, I usually got an average result in class but I got a 2nd this time and I think that is because I have discovered some methods to study it better. Firstly, I built the interest in Science so that I have more desire in leaning this topic. Secondly, I think high concentration in lessons is also very important. Thirdly, I revised the contents that the teacher taught that day. This method is very useful because there are lots of things to remember in Science, and it will be easier to remember them all if I revised some of them each time. Last but not least, I think we should understand Science but not just memorize Science. The reason why is that we can memorize it better when we understand it.

In conclusion, I still have to improve my performance in Chinese History though I had improvements in those subjects. I could not memorize those histories well and I am going to find some methods to study it better, hoping that I can get an improvement in this subject.

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  1. Dickson Ho permalink
    February 1, 2010 7:33 pm

    Agree with your strategies…
    Being attentive in class with regular exercise is the key to good academic performance…
    It’s good if one can summarize the chapter by using flow charts and short phrases by oneself, visualize the concepts by highlighting key terms and concepts easily misunderstood…^^

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