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Building collapses in HK

February 8, 2010

By Janice Lo Tsz Wing, The Chinese Foundation Secondary School

I am writing to talk about the problems of old buildings are facing in Hong Kong. This is a hot topic of the discussion on this few weeks, through the newspapers or television.
According to the report, a decades-old building collapsed along Ma Tau Wai Road in Hong Kong at about 1:30p.m. on 29th January. Four people were dead in the incident. After this incident, more and more residents concern about the safety of the other3300 old buildings in Hong Kong. Therefore, I think if 50-year-old buildings do not have checking by experts every year, they will latent more problems than we think.
For this reason, I think government should help to tackle this serious problem immediately. They cannot wait anymore. They should assign workers to inspect the construction of all old buildings in Hong Kong.

However, locals living in the old buildings prefer their houses to be compensated and renewed by the Urban Renewal Authority rather than by private property developers. Government should implement a powerful law to forbid lots of unauthorized building works in old buildings, because it will cause the problems of burden on the weak old building. I think the costs to keep in good repair on the old buildings are very expensive, so that most of the residents cannot support the money.

Thus, government should endow half of that large amount of money for them, in order to make the city has a harmonious society.

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  1. FUNG permalink
    February 24, 2010 5:38 pm

    FUNG . Fung Kai Liu Shek Tong Secondary School
    2010 February 24th
    I think this was a tragedy, why would it happen? Who had responsibility? This is a very important question! Someone says it was the government’s responsibility. But somebody thinks it was a contrived mistake. Construction workers had some works in that old building, when they were working, the building was going to topple down.
    I think the government has to be responsible, because if the government had checked the old building, people would have known the building was not safe, they could have moved out and would have been alive now!

  2. nono permalink
    February 11, 2010 11:56 am

    who should shoulder the responsibility of the collapse of the building in Ma Tau Wai Road ?

    in my opinion , the authority in Hong Kong should account for the biggest culpability of this incidence ,but actually i would like to point out that the residents also ought to held the responsibility in this matter.

    at the first place , the government is not in consideration of these decade-old building ; therefore, one building unluckily collapse without any portent. renowned as stability, prosperity, never does Hong Kong happen a disaster such that pose several innocent citizens ‘dead. So, it can prove why Hong Kong government is accounted incapable and ignorant .
    my opinion partly conform to the former belief ,They should assign workers to inspect the construction of all old buildings in Hong Kong, but moreover, i also concerned to provide the financial assistance to the victims of disaster, because it can prevent the boosting of resentment among the victims and appearance of depressed public opinion.

    at the nest place , i am disappointed to see someone deceitful deceive the compensation. Conflicting with the norm in society, the action will certainly lead him to be confined. This also reflect the government has been compensating the victim but the lack of awareness of complying with laws among citizens in Hong Kong.

    finally , i don’t want to see such a disaster again

  3. February 10, 2010 11:02 pm

    It is such a huge collapse and many homeless family are scared. I think the main plroblem is the building used badly building material and it is old. So, the J bold buildingis destoryed on little while.Finally, the goverment have to face this point. It’s a horrible collapse.

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