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A life without fear

March 2, 2010

By Angela Ho, Tsuen Wan Government Secondary School

Fear is the most haunting feeling that hinders us from stepping forward. Because of fear and uncertainty, human beings are scared and have no courage to make changes. Everyone is afraid of failure and discouragement and this lengthens the distance between dream and reality. If you lack the confidence you need to take the first step, you might have no more chance to attain your ideal goal. Fiona Fung is the one who gets her dreams and is willing to step on the state into the public eye. (read more about Fiona Fung)

Fung was a behind-the-scenes singer and lyricist for seven years, whose voice was familiar to many but nobody would have recognized her if met in the streets. It would be hard to imagine one who got lovely voice but without an angel face could survive in the entertaining industry. Her future was uncertain and doubt. Even if she was not popular at that time, Fung insisted on her musical career. Due to her strong determination to become a professional singer, she finally came in front of the camera two years ago. At the beginning, Fung also wondered whether she made a right choice but she chose to try no matter what the result would be. This might be the spirit that young generation lacks in this age and day. Once you become too cautious about every decision, you would simply miss many opportunities of success as you do not let yourself go.

Even though some overcome fear, the majority of us fail to attain our objectives. Nowadays the young generation might not be able to handle the pressure or challenges that they face. Children are spoiled and they get everything from their beloved parents. Once they fail to attain their target, their parents might let it go as over-protection is gaining currency in this society. If it is hard, but you need to forget it; if you’re under high pressure, also forget it.

Fung also faced difficulties when she first came into state. Wearing makeup seemed troublesome to her. Also, she has to refrain from going to public places in an untidy way once she became popular. This is a kind of sacrifice you have to make when you become popular. No pain, no gain. No one should expect free lunch in this society. If you want to survive, you have to know the rules deeply and clearly. Sufferings are indispensable experiences. Only persistence is the key leading to success. As success consists of 1 per cent of luck but 99 per cent of hard work, there is no short cut. You should try and try again. Not every one is born with great talent, but everybody has equal chance to achieve what he wants. If you voluntarily give up your dreams, nobody could help. The only one who is able to decide your future is you.

Life is challenging and full of disappointment, while dream is simple and encouraging. Never should you give up your dream because of frustration or sorrow, but to pursue your ideal future by your determination.

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