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About friendship

March 3, 2010

By Sonam Chopel, Wangchuk California School

Everyone Had a Bitter Past , I Used to cry everyday because the bitterness was painful,It feels like Poison,that moment My Friend Comforted Me,supported me,loved me,walked this road of bitterness with me even though its nothing related with them,I Used to Look at the Past If it werent for them I Wont be the Today Myself, I would still be in that road of bitterness forever,suffering from poison, “When I Have Friends it feels like i can do anything I could even reach the stars upon the sky at night”.Friendship is really powerful ,Its good to have a True Friend everywhere regardless of His/Her’s Background,Because The moment either of us have to die this friendship becomes a memory of tears, not bitter Tears but Sweet Tears.

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