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Your opinion on drug tests at school

March 3, 2010
 By Jessica Mak, Pooi To Middle School
Sadly drugs have become quite common among schoolchildren in Hong Kong. However, I don’t think it is necessary to take a drug test at school and even less to make it mandatory.
  Taking drugs is illegal in Hong Kong, but if no one could find out any evidence for proving that a person took drugs, it shouldn’t be possible to invade their privacy by asking them to take a test. This is question of human right.
Hong Kong regards itself as enjoying a high degree of freedom and rights to make choice. However the government wants to make tests mandatory. Isn’t it contradictory?
Parents shouldn’t neglect their children.  They should keep an eye on them but shouldn’t put too much pressure on them either. This would be much more effective to prevent schoolchildren from taking drugs.
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  1. April 19, 2010 4:44 pm

    By Wong Hoi Yi, Pooi To Middle School

    There are more and more people who take drugs in the world, especially teenagers. Some are as young as 7-year-old. That’s a shocking news fo me!

    Some students will take drugs at school, I think they do not care if their teachers know they take drugs. It is because they are desperate.

    But I think they take drugs because of their poor relationship with family or friends.

    I think if there are drugs tests in school, it can help the teenagers to leave the drugs away. Teachers will help the students who have taken drugs to stay away it.

    The drugs tests will also stop the students from taking drugs because they will be scared that someone know about it.

  2. March 4, 2010 5:13 pm

    By Fish Sung, Hang Seng School of Commerce

    Recently, a research showed that over 30,000 students in Hong Kong had tried drugs before. 70% of them are secondary school students, to my surprise 10% of them are primary school students. The number of primary school students who are taking drugs is a double of university students who are doing so. The most shocking part is 99% of school respondents have students who have tried drugs.

    I think this is a big disaster. Drugs are something that everyone must not try because it will damage your body forever. The most common type of drugs that students are taking is ketamine, which causes serious damage to the brain. People who take ketamine will have receding memory, slurred speech, emotional instability, impaired heart function and so on.

    The government has carried out a lot of measures to prevent people from taking drugs. For example, we can see anti-drugs commercials and advertisements everywhere, compulsory drug test has launched in all secondary schools in Tai Po, the punishment of drugs trading has become more and more heavy and so on. However, I think everyone in Hong Kong should give a helping hand to the drug addicts. We should learn more about the symptoms of drug addicts, in this way we can know who are suffering from drug abuse and we can refer him/her to social workers or the police.

    To sum up, everyone should firmly say NO to drugs. After that, a healthy and happy life is waiting for you.

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