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New Zealand Diary – Day 1

March 24, 2010

As you probably all remember, Proactive Study Abroad sponsored a trip to New Zealand to one of the Young Post junior reporters. The lucky winner, Gloria Cheung arrived in New Zealand today. She shares her first impressions with YP readers.

By Gloria Cheung

Being woken up by the sunlight came from the window of the plane, I knew I was close to my destination, New Zealand. To be honest, I can hardly imagine what the trip will be. I’ve heard all these before, the blue sky, the pollution-free environment, the sheep and farms, and the beautiful coastline…etc. I’m really excited that I am going to see them all in reality.

Right when I got off the plane, the first thing catching my eye was the unlimited supply of fresh air. I can smell the grass and trees, and the kind of liveliness that I had never felt in Hong Kong.  Then we headed to Whitianga, a small town in North New Zealand where we will be attending English lessons and take part in outdoors activities. Can you imagine that there were no skyscraper; no densely packed building and no air-polluting bus, all we saw were miles and miles of farmland and endless spectacular natural landscape. It’s like the scenery came from a fairy tale.

Tiffany and Audree, two students came from Creative Secondary School, were amazed by the fabulous environment in New Zealand too. Tiffany told that she had never seen such beautiful scenery in Hong Kong. And Audree said she really looked forward to kayaking in New Zealand. As for myself, I am even more impressed by the eco-friendly lifestyle here. New Zealand people are very concerned about their environment. They live green with words and deeds. For example, anything that is harmful to the natural environment is not allowed to bring inside the boarder of New Zealand. There are road signs everywhere to remember people not to harm the fauna and the flora. This is something we should follow in our own life.

Last but not least, I met a really friendly and caring home stay family here, it is Paul and Johanna. I spent a great time chatting with them about cultures in Hong Kong and New Zealand. And they offer a nice and pleasant place for me to stay.

I look forward to the next nines days here, hopefully I will be reporting more.

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