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Stop printing homework

March 24, 2010

By Wong Ka-wan

Students in Hong Kong have to keep up with technology as they are often asked to do homework online or use the computer in their studies. It is very common to print out homework, but I think it is not right.

 To print out our homework, we must have typed it into the computer. A question then arises: why can’t we just send it to the teachers’ e-mail accounts instead of using paper to print it out?

Some people have already come up with the idea of publishing e-books instead of books made with paper. This is really good because it can reduce paper wastage and is more convenient. We need to start handing in homework by computer. In addition, it is also a way of being environmentally friendly because the amount of paper used is reduced.

To sum up, teachers should not ask students to print out homework since it wastes resources and there are many ways to hand in homework.

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  1. March 24, 2010 12:23 pm

    I’m guessing that no one sends homework on e-mail for several reasons, the first being that teachers like to keep a paper record of things. In fact, anyone does. Once it’s printed out on paper, it’s not easy to just change something. It’s so easy to change marks or answers on a computer that some unscrupulous students would take advantage of this.

    Then, the paper is also a record for the student to prove the homework was handed in on time. In the old days, students used to use the excuse “the dog ate my homework”. These days they can just say the computer ate it. But if there is a hard copy, they can at least prove that it was there, on the teacher’s desk, when it was supposed to be there.

    Susan, Editor

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