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New Zealand Diary – Day 2

March 25, 2010

 By Gloria Cheung

Thanks to the tranquility in Whitianga, I got a nice sleep last night. After breakfast, Johanna drove me to Coromanel Outdoor Language Centre to gather with the other students. It was so sweet that everybody in the language centre sang a lovely welcoming song for us. It really shows the friendly side of New Zealand people.

Then we went to Mercury Bay Area School to meet with some local students. There’s an ice-breaking game that gave students the chance to get to know each other. Although the students had very different cultural backgrounds, it did not stop them from having a great time together.

Jenny is a student from Creative Secondary School. She thought that the New Zealand students are sporty and active. It’s true. It is delighted to see that local students are always willing to share their opinion and devoted into the activity. Sam and Lorielle, two local students in Whitianga, both agreed that Hong Kong students were quite shy at the beginning, but once they start talking, the students got very friendly and playful.

After finishing lunch, we paid a visit to the Whiti Farm Park. There was a large variety of animals to see, such as sheep, donkeys and miniature horses. Not only did we have a chance to feed the animals, the farm owners were so kind that they even let some students tried cutting wool off  a sheep! It was also pleasurable that we were treated with special Kiwi-style food and drinks after the visit.

 During the tea break, I got a chance to talk to Susie, a worker on the farm. It surprised me that she was actually a traveler from US. When stopping in Whitianga, she loved life on the farm so much that she made herself a free worker there for a three months. Being a girl used to living in a bustling city, I felt totally amazed by her experience. It really pleased me to know how a person is embracing her life with the nature. I wish I can do this someday.

Gloria Cheung is a Young Post junior reporter. Her trip to New Zealand was sponsored by Proactive Study Abroad.

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