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New Zealand Diary – Day 5

March 30, 2010

By Gloria Cheung

Today was also a day off from the language school. All of us went to a famous tourist spot in South Coromandel, which was the Hot Water Beach. You might think you’ve gone to lots of beach in Hong Kong, but the one I visited today was definitely unique. Actually, Coromandel Peninsular is of volcanic origin but there is little activity today except at Hot Water Beach. Between mid and low tide, people go there and scoop out hot pools in the sand, then they can enjoy a nice hot spring. It was another pollution-free beach in New Zealand. I was most fascinated by fabulous pictures of boundless ocean combining with the blue sky line.

In the morning, we played a series of group games on the beach. The games required both brain power and physical strength of the students. We all had great fun solving the problem given by the trainer and chasing around the beach. My homestay Paul was actually the trainer of the day. He thought students from Hong Kong were very clever and flexible, even better than local kids. After the games, we went scooping for hot springs in the beach. Amber, the student from Creative Secondary School found her experience in the Hot Water Beach amusing, and it was certainly the highlight of her trip.

During the break, I met Emily, the sports captain in the Mercury Bay Area School we visited a few days ago. I am most surprised that she was a volunteer life guard at the beach. Right when I saw her, the life guards were having a tough training session under the overhead sun. Although she and her friends were only teenagers, they had the strength as a strong and reliable life guard. The thing impressed me the most was, they were actually spending their spare time saving lives. That made their life way more meaningful than the other common teenagers.

Gloria Cheung is a Young Post junior reporter. Her trip to New Zealand was sponsored by Proactive Study Abroad.

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