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New Zealand Diary – Day 8

April 9, 2010

By Gloria Cheung

I did not sleep much last night because I spent the night packing my luggage and writing a thank-you letter to Paul and Johanna. The morning finally came, time to say goodbye to Whitianga. When I arrived at the language school, many students were already there saying last farewell to their homestay families. It was bittersweet to hear blessing from Johanna and know that we might not see each other ever again. Before long, the touring bus came and we had to leave.

Our next destination was Rotorua, a city five-hours away from Whitianga. We first made a stop at a popular tourist attraction, the Agrodome and watched an entertaining Sheep Show there. The presenter brought 19 champion rams on the stage and talked about their origin and the product for which they are famous. One of our students, Kandra, was so lucky that she got a chance to milk a cow on stage! At some point it was hilarious, but it’s definitely a unique New Zealand experience for her. The show ended with a group from the audience took to part in the baby lamb feeding frenzy. Nicolas was in the frenzy this time, I bet he was obsessed with the baby lamb as well.

Afterwards we went to another attraction” Skyline Skyride” where we took the cable car up to the hill. All of us got a chance to try the exciting Luge Ride down to the foot of hill. Students had fun racing with each other while I took the time to take pictures of the city from the mountain top. It’s interesting to see the low rising buildings in Rotorua. They just looked like thousands of little match boxes under the skyline.

After a long day, it is a relief that we got settle in the comfortable Wylie Court Motel. Since Rotorua was a thermal area, we could enjoy relaxing hot spring in every room. I’d say, the spring was just like heaven in the cool night.


Gloria Cheung is a Young Post junior reporter. Her trip to New Zealand was sponsored by Proactive Study Abroad.

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