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Cartoons teach life lessons

May 4, 2010

By Karen Lee Ka-ki, Carmel Secondary School

Lots of people stop watching cartoons as they get older. But I still enjoy it. Cartoons are full of positive ideas and revolve around love and friendship. For example, the Disney movie Up is about a man who promised his late wife to move their house to the top of a waterfall. He eventually achieves this “impossible” dream with his faith and the help of a little boy.

In the world of cartoons, heroes and villains are clearly defined.  On the other hand, it is hard to judge good and bad people in society.

There’s no doubt that cartoons are a result of somebody’s imagination – they don’t happen in real life. But these creations can remind us to get back to basics. When we were children, we loved and respected our parents and treated others well. But why do we become  disobedient as we grow older? We can rediscover our principles from cartoons.

Cartoons are simple and interesting, and can teach us a lot about life. Let’s learn a lesson from those stories and build a wonderful and peaceful world together.

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  1. Wendy Cheng Fung permalink
    April 30, 2012 9:39 pm

    Well, in my opinion, it depends on what the cartoon conveys. Cartoons usually come in large varieties and even Japanese anime is a genre of cartoons. Cartoons may or may not be targeted at children and could convey different messages (or no messages at all), and depending on how the cartoon expresses it.
    The example “Up” is an example of a cartoon, or animation, targeted at children and families. Most of Disney and Pixar’s animations are full of positive energy and all convey messages. Besides “Up”, “Wall-E” is a another good animation by Pixar which conveys a message to love and protect the environment, as well as alerting us of our growing dependency of technology.
    However, there are also other cartoons that are, well, “off track”. It’s important to be subjective when giving opinions, and also to know your topic in depth. Here, I think you mean cartoons targeted at children. Cartoons alone are broad, some are healthy, others good, or being the lesser of the two evils, or the ultimate value distort.
    But it’s good to hear someone who mentions about cartoons.

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