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Buy time to save the human race – yay or nay?

May 6, 2010

A friend of mine just sent me a Youtube link, with a video of her playing guitar and singing the song she wrote about how much she loves Hong Kong. There is a line among the lyrics that caught my attention: let’s drive to the Peak and look at the fog (it was in Chinese). Since when do people go the Peak and watch the fog, instead of gazing over the beautiful landscape of the Island and amazing coastline of the Victoria Harbor? Ah. Since the fog starts to block everything, right.

I’m not going deep into how fog forms and how it adversely affects the environment, but you can bet, the decreasing visibility every year has something to do with the increasing amount of greenhouse gases, which brings us right back to the issue of global warming. With the not-so-successful Kyoto Protocol and the drop-dead-failure of the Copenhagen Summit, it seems that our planet is doomed. While we civilians are trying to reduce the use of plastic bags, use energy-saving appliances and turn them off when not using them, our governments are being bad boys by refusing to compromise on diplomacy.

Not that I’m complaining, but maybe we should start putting money into space exploration projects and see if there is any chance that the human race could survive in other planets, like what is going on in Star Trek. Just when this idea put itself together in my mind, Prof. Stephen Hawking put forward the theory that there may be gazillions of galaxies out there similar to the one we exist in, BUT (yep that’s a HUGE but) we should not try to explore and get into contact with the outside world. Apparently the professor thinks the aliens and ETs are very intelligent and if we try to reach out, we may get ourselves wiped out even faster than when the ultimate climatic change hits.

So? Let’s put our heads together and hope the governments can figure something out in the near future if not now. We can either protest further with the environment protection groups, which is likely to complicate things than provide solutions; or we can continue to do whatever we can, within our abilities, to buy time while the countries engage in further discussions for a plan – your choice. Sounds pessimistic? Yes, this is reality. Go figure.

Samantha Chan, 19, is a fresh graduate from Marymount Secondary School. When she’s not reading or writing, Samantha is watching movies. She dreams to work for the film industry one day. Her column Bite of Life is inspired by the tiniest bits of joy, laughter, frustration and anger in her life. Samantha hopes her articles will take readers to a calm, peaceful place.

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