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Learn to reach out

May 20, 2010

Last week, two young people threw themselves off a building and fell to their deaths. Wong Yat-lung and Yang Ying were both only 14. They were students at De la Salle Secondary School, and were in love with each other, although their parents disapproved. These two bright young scholars had everything to live for. It seems their suicide was in the heat of the moment as social workers who had been keeping in touch with them said they had shown no signs of taking their own lives.

This tragedy is heart-breaking; it tears a hole in our lives, in our society. It leaves their family and friends with terrible sorrow.

Both these students were originally from the mainland, and both were doing well in Hong Kong. What lesson can we take from this tragedy?

As exams get into full swing at this time of year, many of you will be under great pressure. You may have similar thoughts to Yat-lung and Ying. But, dear readers, understand that this pressure, this time in your life, is not forever. It will end. Things will get better. Failure is not forever. Nothing is worth more than you. You have so much to look forward to in your future.

Sometimes people are in so much pain and misery they are unable to see any way out. But there is always a way out. Always. You live in one of the most modern cities in the world and you have many resources that you can use to help you through dark times. If you are unable to cope with what is going on in your life, call someone, see your doctor, talk it through with a friend or a teacher.

All you need to do is to reach out and many, many hands will be reaching back to you.


Susan Ramsay is the Young Post editor. Through this column she shares her life experiences in the hope that it will inspire Hong Kong teenagers.

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  1. June 3, 2010 11:54 am

    By Susan Cheng, Nam Wah Catholic Secondary School

    I truly appreciate the editor’s deep concern about Hong Kong’s younger generation. The article was very touching and contained some timely advice.

    Last month’s tragedy, when two teenagers died together, shocked the community. They were only 14 years old and took their lives apparently without warning. Young Post readers are mostly teenagers and they are lucky to have an editor who cares very much about them.

    It is true that we are lucky to be living in a modern city like Hong Kong. We have so many things that others lack. Many people are waiting to help us, so we should not hesitate to reach out to them.

    Teenagers may not know how to deal with problems like study pressure and family conflicts.

    All these things confuse and discourage them and prevent them from making progress. However, social workers, teachers and friends can help youngsters solve their problems.

    There is absolutely no need to take our own lives.

    I would like to thank the Young Post editor for reminding us that there is always hope.

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