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Lois Lane: Why the world needs Superman

May 20, 2010

I was randomly clicking through TV channels one day and accidentally bumped into Japanese cartoon Astro Boy (showing in English btw). There was this villain who at first appeared to be on the good side, and when the time came, just like any other villains, poof! He revealed his true identity and turned his back on Astro Boy. Again, just like any other superhero stories, his turning evil has some ultimate scheme and goals behind, justified by the twisted ideology of attaining world peace, and claiming he did it for our own good. Then, according to bad clichés, the superhero was suddenly filled with power along with the death threat from the villain directed to his loved ones, and with some beating up, building destroying and bombing, superhero saved the day!

 I couldn’t help but come into one conclusion: no villain, no superhero. Come to think of it: Spiderman was just an ordinary pizza boy who sells photos of himself for a living when he was off; Superman was a journalist working for a newspaper when he wasn’t wearing red cape and red underpants (on top). Even with the super strength and the ability to fly, they are no different from ordinary people when there aren’t any villains. Remember what happened to Mr. Incredibles when he slacked and hid for so long? Violet and Dash spending so much time discovering their superpower? Without the villains, those talents might just as well go straight to waste. Except for one: Batman. Bruce Wayne had all the money and power in the world, he probably didn’t care and would go on enjoying life.

 What I’m trying to say is, villains, temptations, are everywhere. That’s why we need superheroes. Not the kind that prevents a war from happening, or stops a train from going off the rails, but those who save us as a person. Real life superheroes who point us in the right direction whenever we went astray, those who give us a hand when we were drowning in orchards full of forbidden fruits, those who never for once give up on us even though we might have lost faith in ourselves. Life is hard, and going through something that hard, is only made more difficult by not having our life-saving superheroes by our sides. You’re asking me who and where? Look around. There they are.

P.S. Ironically, my mom and I were in a sort of cold war when I was drafting this article. I’ll try to mend things.

Samantha Chan, 19, is a fresh graduate from Marymount Secondary School. When she’s not reading or writing, Samantha is watching movies. She dreams to work for the film industry one day. Her column Bite of Life is inspired by the tiniest bits of joy, laughter, frustration and anger in her life. Samantha hopes her articles will take readers to a calm, peaceful place.

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