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Imagining life without water

May 21, 2010

By Margaret, Elaine, Shubham, and Kasey, Canadian International School of Hong Kong

Water is a crucial element in life. It’s what keeps us alive, as well as bringing us the many pleasures in life. If you think about it closely, there are endless uses for water. But imagine: What would the world be like if we had no water?

Water is so commonly seen in life, its values are ignored and forgotten. Many people think that the world has plenty of water- after all, when you look at the earth, it’s mostly blue. That is correct, however, did you know that 70% of that water is seawater? Seawater cannot be used for many purposes such as taking a bath or shower, washing your clothes and food, or drinking, even if you filter it. And even though 30% is left over, most of it is either in the wrong state of matter to be useful, or inaccessible, existing in places such as deep underground. Believe it or not, that leaves only 1% of that 30% can we use.

There is a fixed amount of water on Earth. It goes through a cycle, over and over again. However, we, as humans, do not have a fixed amount. Over the years, our population has risen- more people have existed on this planet. The more people we have, the more water we need. And, unfortunately, we have a possibility of running out of water.

So what can we do to solve this issue? Save water- it’s called water conservation. Anybody can do it, just by making small changes at home. You can take a short shower instead of a bath, because filling a bath tub requires a lot of water. When brushing your teeth or soaping your hands, turn the tap off- it’s unneeded and wastes water. Do your laundry with a full load every time, it saves time and water. If a tap is dripping or a pipe is leaking, get it fixed immediately, because long-term leaks may lose bucketfuls of water. Flush only when needed- flushing a toilet is a big water-waster. And finally, reuse water! Did you know that you can use rice-washing water to wash vegetables and dishes? Did you know that vegetable-washing water can be used to water plants? Did you know you can still flush toilets with dirty water? Be creative towards water conservation, and just have fun with it! Remember- every drop of water you save counts!

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  1. May 21, 2010 2:30 pm

    Read more on water issues, log on to and go to ‘Learning’ > ‘Exploring the news’ > ‘Drip by drip’ or click here: the News

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