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Stop unnecessary land reclamation

June 2, 2010

By Rafael Coseteng 

I am against land reclamation in Hong Kong. It is  wrong and should be stopped. 

Land reclamation gives us more space on the surface, but the government should pay attention to what’s happening underwater. 

It causes pollution when you carelessly dump soil into the ocean, destroying the habitats of marine plants and animals. They will suffer a slow, painful demise as humans encroach on their habitat.

Eventually we won’t have any seafood to eat and fishermen will lose their livelihoods – that might take a long time, but it will happen at some stage if this keeps up.

Do we want the waters in Hong Kong to become uninhabitable? 

Land reclamation has more negative than good aspects.

We have enough buildings in Hong Kong already; we don’t need any more. Which is better: fewer fish, polluted waters and a lot of buildings or healthy fish stocks and a fair amount of buildings? If land and water are balanced it will be much better for marine and human life. Keeping Hong Kong’s waters and marine life free of pollution is essential for the city’s future.

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