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Brain Game. 03.06.10

June 3, 2010

the brain game


This week’s question:

“If you were in charge of the Hong Kong pavilion at the Shanghai Expo, what would you choose to include in the exhibition?”


Cathy Chan Chi-man, 16,  CCC Kei Chi Secondary School

A hi-tech  Eastern-Western restaurant would be my first choice. When it comes to Hong Kong, people always think about finance, shopping malls, the view of the harbour,  and so on. These things have long been characteristics of Hong Kong. But I do not feel these things  represent the city’s  unique culture and character well. I’d like to include a modern Hong Kong-style restaurant, displaying how it is run using the latest techniques  while selling typical local food to visitors. This would show both new technology and the traditional culture of Hong Kong.

Melody Cheung Wing-kei, 15, St Paul’s Secondary School

I would like to include exhibits that present  local traditions and culture, as many people around the world already know about the Chinese-Western cultural characteristics of Hong Kong. But foreigners seldom hear of Hong Kong’s local culture. The first half  of the exhibition would be about famous local food in Hong Kong, like pineapple buns, egg tarts, egg puffs and cart noodles. There would be models of the food and recipes for making it.   The other section would be about  traditional Hong Kong festivities, such as  the “scramble for buns” contest of the Cheung Chau Bun Festival. There would be photos and videos displayed, introducing these traditions to people worldwide.

Karen Lee Ka-ki, 14, Carmel Secondary School

I would choose to include “Hong Kong’s Street Food” in the exhibition. Curried fishballs and siu mai are the commonest street food in Hong Kong. They are not only a source of sustenance for a busy population on the move, they are also part of the collective memory for Hongkongers. The World Expo is a good chance for us to show and introduce this typical and distinctive culture to the other countries. Besides, “Hong Kong’s Street Food” could  represent the other face of Hong Kong, and not just the energy and dynamism. It  could show another distinct part of the local culture.

Elaine Yu, 15, International Christian Quality Music Secondary School

You  would be fascinated. I would include an exclusive ride called  the “Brilliant Train”, a little train that travels around the whole  Hong Kong pavilion. While people are on the ride, they  would  learn about Hong Kong’s development, from the 1960s to the present day.  They would be able to catch a glimpse of Hong Kong’s culture, delicacies, music, representative architecture and so on. It would not be just  only a journey, rather it would be  a feast for the senses. All the authentic  characteristics of Hong Kong would  catch your eye and tempt your nose. People  would definitely love it. So, are you ready to visit this exquisite Hong Kong pavilion?

The participants answers are published every Thursdays in Young Post.

Votes close on Monday at noon.

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