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Living without my Facebook fix

June 8, 2010

By Chitra Karamchandani, West Island School

About a month ago, I deactivated Facebook because I was just so sick of how painfully distracting it was. Having an iPod touch and super-fast wi-fi connection meant that I was checking updates every 15 minutes or so, when I should be seriously revising for my upcoming IB exams. So, I made the decision to deactivate my account till the end of exams. It was definitely a tough move because I really missed logging in to see what’s new with my friends. Admittedly, I even went on to the homepage a couple of times, resisting the urge to simply log back on and get updated with all the recent gossip.

 Within a few days, I surprisingly got used to not having Facebook. I started to focus on myself and my issues rather than thinking about others and all their problems. It was quite refreshing not to have my mind filled with unnecessary information about the lives of others and it helped me focus on revisions.

I also cut off instant messaging on MSN. The best part of this move was definitely the fact it forced friends to talk to me in person or on the phone which honestly has been a rare thing ever since I started using Facebook and MSN. I loved this change! Firstly, because it made people come to me rather than having me go onto Facebook to check what they wanted to say to me. Its direct, simple and instant! The other good bit about it? The feel-good vibes that come from having a phone conversation with a friend, even if the subject of the conversation consisted of nervous feelings about the next day’s exam! There was a sense of connectedness when we were freaking out together, something that felt real when you speak, that simply cannot be compared with Facebook or instant messaging, even with all those emoticons!

It made me feel so much more light-hearted when I talked on the phone especially since I was stuck in my room all day, keeping my paranoia and worries to myself, with no one to share it with. These phone conversations with friends allowed me to speak and express myself more freely. Plus I got undivided attention. With instant messaging, you may be talking to several people at the same time while simultaneously surfing YouTube, listening to music and checking Facebook. We all like to think we can multi-task well, but it’s not true. We simply cannot feel what another person is experiencing unless we speak to them!

So, surprisingly, living without Facebook and MSN  wasn’t that much of a pain after all!  Even though I only kept my account deactivated for 20 days, the experience taught me not to over-rely on Facebook and instant messaging as a means of communication.

 Chitra Karamchandani is a Young Post intern.

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  1. millie :) permalink
    June 13, 2010 11:37 am

    today is day 26 without facebook for me!!! haha
    I decided to cut it off as exams were near…
    I would just say, I get less updates from my friends.. but i change to twitter and i find myself tweeting every now and then…
    but i do like how im not STUCK on the facebook app every 5 minutes checking updates…
    I figured, after 26 days of “life without facebook”, it’s simply easier…:)
    the other im happy about is I am not stuck in stalking photos of some friends each day…

  2. samanthac permalink
    June 8, 2010 4:13 pm

    haha I remember the connectedness when I was chatting with a friend through the phone, babbling about how we’re gonna fail our exam the next day, as well as how hungry we were at 2 in the morning.

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