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Brain Game. 10.06.10

June 10, 2010

the brain game


This week’s question:

“What one product do you think schools should supply free of charge to encourage students to work harder?”


Karen Lee Ka-ki, 14, Carmel Secondary School

I think schools should supply free subscriptions to academic websites that charge users. These academic websites contain large amounts of up-to-date information  on topics which are not easily  found in  libraries and school textbooks.  We come across these sites while searching, but  they are often quite expensive to use. These subscription-only sites can provide us with additional knowledge for research, revision and projects.  They can help us with our work in addition to broadening our horizons.

Elaine Yu, 15, International Christian Quality Music Secondary School

Stationery, books and school bags. No, that’s so old-fashioned! Nowadays, what we need is technology. So what do I want for free? An iPad, of course! I am very sure  this is what most students would want. On an iPad, students can read books, watch videos and surf  the internet.  Students can use these devices  anywhere and any time they like. That means, if a student wanted to, they could learn round the clock, for 24 hours, non-stop. An iPad would make learning super efficient and effective. This incredible product would certainly empower students to learn. Therefore  it’s the best choice.

Melody Cheung Wing-kei, 15, St Paul’s Secondary School

E-book readers.  They have a lot of advantages  compared to traditional textbooks. They can  hold study materials  for almost every subject so that students don’t have to  carry piles of textbooks to school in  their bags. They are also equipped with a variety of learning resources which students will find  convenient  for studying.  Plus,  e-book readers look trendy and cool. Schools  could supply them to students who get good results. As they have  many benefits,  students would be motivated to study harder and get better results to get their free e-book reader.

The participants answers are published every Thursdays in Young Post.

Votes close on Monday at noon.

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  1. Ruby Lambert permalink
    June 11, 2010 2:57 pm

    Karen : I love you!!! You’re the best friend in this game 🙂
    Elaine: I’ve always loved your post 🙂 And you’re really pretty.
    Melody: I love you too 🙂

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