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Brain Game. 17.06.10

June 17, 2010

the brain game


This week’s question:

“If you were to make a historical movie, in what era would you set it?”


Karen Lee Ka-ki, 14,  Carmel Secondary School

I would  set it in the time of the Japanese invasion of Hong Kong in the second world war. 

It is an important time in the history of Hong Kong. However, there are few movies about this. This impressive background for a film could show the terrible and genuine events that happened in the city’s recent past.

At that time, many refugees fled from Hong Kong  to the mainland and  many families were separated, without any way to get in touch with each other again.

It would be a perfect time to set an epic  drama of a family who were broken up  by the Japanese invasion. And the film could show the brutal Japanese occupation.

The Japanese removed signs of British rule and culture. Japanese replaced English as the official language. Streets were renamed with Japanese names and people had to use the Japanese calendar. Schools had to teach Japanese language and propaganda, and people had to exchange their money for Japanese occupation currency.

What’s more, serious shortages also led to food rationing. Cholera and other epidemics were widespread.

The film’s plot could be a touching account of refugees and separated families, as well as the effect of the invasion on the daily life of Hong Kong.

The elderly would be able to identify with the movie.  The younger generation, on the other hand, would have the chance to  get an  alarming view  of the  Japanese occupation.

Melody Cheung Wing-kei, 15, St Paul’s Secondary School

I would set it in the Renaissance period in Italy. It  was an era of a great cultural revolution,  in the 14th to 16th centuries. I would make the movie from the perspective of the daily life of a wealthy family at that time. They  have a high regard  for the arts and always  treasure  great masterpieces.

 In the movie, I would  show prominent architecture such as  St Peter’s Basilica  and Santa Maria Novella.  The audience would  appreciate the typical Renaissance building features, such as domes and arches. 

When the  magnificent architecture is shown, I would use the highly ornamental church music of the Renaissance times as background music. As the audience listen to the music and watch  the beautiful scenes, they will feel as if they are one of the members of the wealthy family.  Besides showing the audience the well-known cultural achievements of the period, I would also introduce them to the dark side of it, so they can get  a more comprehensive picture of the era. After the luxurious journey, I would take the audience to  the  time of the Black Death. It was a plague pandemic that destroyed almost half of  Europe’s population. I would  show how the wealthy family is affected by the disease and the social conditions of that time. By  watching the movie, the audience would better understand  the famous Renaissance era.

The participants answers are published every Thursdays in Young Post.

Votes close on Monday at noon.

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  1. June 18, 2010 1:33 am

    nice webpage, i liked…

  2. June 17, 2010 10:31 pm

    yes i think the same

  3. June 17, 2010 8:12 pm

    Karen ! I luv u ! Just beat it!

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