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YouTube’s stars

July 2, 2010

By George Jones, Young Post intern

Youtube, in the five years it has been on the web, has become an incredible cultural phenomenon and a brilliant place to watch and share videos online. While many of the videos found on Youtube may be pretty unspectacular, there are some on the video sharing site which have uploaded videos of themselves presenting their incredible talents.

Believe it or not, through Youtube, a multitude of individuals have found fame all over the world by being ‘spotted’, teen pop sensation Justin Bieber being a prime example. Below are some examples of talented people on Youtube – all entertaining and spectacular, from singing to crazy, death defying acrobatics.

KevJumba is a Youtube/Internet comedian whose videos have made him the 11th most subscribed person on Youtube. His hilarious videos have spawned his own website, fans and even an iPhone app containing a soundboard of his dad’s phrases (who, nicknamed ‘PapaJumba’ is just as funny in his own quaint way). An incredibly funny video about Kevin visiting his father’s workplace.

David Choi is a Youtube Singer/Songwriter whose work on Youtube has seen him release his first album. He hasn’t reached the level of fame that Justin Bieber has, but he is as equally if not more talented. The following video is the music video for his leading single, That Girl.

DeStorm is a singer/song-writer/v-logger/producer/fitness trainer on Youtube with nearly 200,000 subscribers. In his main channel, he creates songs or tunes which his viewers challenge him to produce as well as beatbox covers. A beatbox version of OMG – Usher

Damian Walters is a professional stuntman who was spotted thanks to one of his videos he posted on Youtube. Also a gymnastics coach and free runner, his impressive skills have seen him act as stuntman in films such as Hellboy II and Ninja Assassin.

Youtube also houses talents through videos they host of TV shows Britain’s Got Talent’ and America’s Got Talent’. The first video below  features Tobias Mead dancing in the semi-final of the British variation, while the second one features a young pair of children aged nine and five in a group called “Future Funk” dancing in the audition.

Tobia Mead >

Future Funk >

If you’ve got an incredible talent, why not put a video up on Youtube? Perhaps you’ll become as big as the people featured in these videos. Give it a go!

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  1. Jade permalink
    July 2, 2010 9:56 pm

    I’ve got my Youtube page as well, but I just started this month and at the moment I have only 3 videos (and they aren’t very good). But if anyone wants to take a look at my page, here’s the url: . I’ve also done some duets with my friend Ruby at . I’m writing songs and soon I’ll be uploading more videos with Ruby. 🙂

    Oh and David Choi was a great source of inspiration for me. I love him ❤

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