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Whatever the result, be prepared

July 9, 2010

By Gavrielle Leung, YP intern

August is one of the most stressful months for Form five students. They will receive their results and know what is in store for them. And this year the competition is even more intense since it is the HKCEE’s last year.

Those of you who are waiting for your results, take a deep breath. You can’t alter your result, but you can prepare for them! As wonderful as it would be to have the result you desire, it’s not a bad idea to prepare for both the best and worst scenarios.

Here are the tips for you before and after getting your result:

• Plan for different study paths base on both the best and worst scenarios

• Draw up a list of possible schools you can attend if you don’t have the results you expect

• Try not to make big plans until you have your results.

• Understand the admission procedures to avoid surprises and false hope

• On the day, bring the items you need (ID card, report cards of Form 4&5, passport size photos, other certificates of achievements and talents, water, stationary, map, cash for registration fee and so on)

• Talk to someone if you need any help. If you want to seek assistance, here is a list organizations that can help:

– Caritas Youth and Community Service – 23371600

– The HK Federation of Youth Groups – Hotline for Form five students – 27771112;  

– Hok Yau Club (Hotline for further studies advice) – 31884567;

– Shan King Integrated Children & Youth Services Centre – 24626903; 

– Hong Kong Young Women’s Christian Association – 27116622; 

– Hong Kong Education City-Future Channel –

– Hong Kong Children & Youth Services – 23341879;

Don’t be discouraged if don’t get the marks you wanted. There are so many other options for you! And there isn’t only one way to reach your goal.

You can further your study in vocational schools or other professional bodies, such as VTC (Vocational Training Council), IVE (Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education). These schools offer a variety of courses which can cater to your interest, allow you to expand your knowledge and prepare you for future employment.

You can also study aboard to expand your horizons, expose yourself to a new culture, train your problem-solving skills and learn to be independent.

Do background research and choose the option that suits YOU.

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