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Why you shouldn’t do drugs

July 13, 2010

 When you’re young you think you’re invincible, or that you can argue your way out of scrapes with authority. And while it’s true you may never get caught for taking drugs, you may never suffer the very possible consequences to your decision, the fact it is not YOUR decision alone. The bit of mischief you get into at a party has consequences. People will suffer because of your choice and here is why.

Drugs are against the law. If you want to argue that, then become a lawyer and change the law. But until the law is changed, anything to do with the growing, transporting and selling of drugs is illegal. It breeds gangsters and crime and horrific violence. It doesn’t only affect those directly and willingly involved. Many innocent bystanders are hurt, from the baby killed in the crossfire of army troops and gang lords in Kingston Jamaica, to the 25 nameless bodies dragged out of an abandoned mine shaft in Mexico, to the tortured policeman whose body is found by his young son in Colombia to the poverty-stricken mother forced to swallow deadly capsules of cocaine to smuggle them across the border. When you take a drug, you pay for that violence to continue. It’s not a cool deal between your mates for a bit of fun. It buys much much more than that. Your money supports the guns and bullets that will kill people right across the world. You money goes into the pockets of men who force young people into prostitution and shrug off their suicides as just another business loss.

Your money supports fear and poverty and pain that you would never dream of subjecting an animal to, and yet you willingly subsidise for humans when you take drugs. This is the truth. You are not the kind of person who would knowingly contribute to the crime and violence in the world. But that is what your money does when you spend it on drugs.

 Susan Ramsay is the Young Post editor. Through this column she shares her life experiences in the hope that it will inspire Hong Kong teenagers.

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  1. jessica maye permalink
    September 7, 2012 8:31 am

    i really think this this helped teens figure out why u shouldnt do


  2. August 31, 2012 10:32 pm

    that is not answering the question i ask…!!~

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