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Keep hoping, and hope some more

August 20, 2010

I was eating out with my parents when the lady on the 6:30 news brought us the painful details of the murder of eight foreign doctors in Afghanistan by the Taliban. I wasn’t aware of what was happening at first, but everyone in the restaurant stopped eating and turned to stare at the TV. I could hear murmurs and mutterings during the whole two-minute-report, and then, it was like nothing ever happened. People simply snapped out of it and continued with whatever they were doing before the news.

I frowned, then I chuckled. How naïve of me to expect someone irrelevant, some outsides like us to cry over unfortunate incidents like these. Some of us do pray, and some would try to offer pecuniary assistance, but none of us are passionate enough to start a strike and demand the Government to do something to stop the terrorists, because – note this – peace keeping is the big United States’ business, and we already have enough to deal with ourselves.

It is hard to be selfless. It’s hard for a five-year-old child to give away the last candy he has to his friend, because it means the world to him. It was just a piece of candy to begin with, and then we grew up, while becoming more realistic and pragmatic, we are less and less willing to give because ‘we have our own lives to live’ and ‘cannot constantly look out for others’.

Is there really nothing more we can do other than hoping, praying, donating, while being clearly aware of the fact that we are just dumping money into the sea because these wars and conflicts never seem to be coming to and end? Maybe instead of hoping that the United States will soon come up with a plan, we should pray that the terrorists can find their lost hearts in the near future, along with the missing pieces of compassion, care, love that will shake some sense into their minds and put a full stop to the centuries-old conflicts.

Let’s hope, and hope some more.

Samantha Chan, 19, is a fresh graduate from Marymount Secondary School. When she’s not reading or writing, Samantha is watching movies. She dreams to work for the film industry one day. Her column Bite of Life is inspired by the tiniest bits of joy, laughter, frustration and anger in her life. Samantha hopes her articles will take readers to a calm, peaceful place.

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