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Learn to be social

September 15, 2010


People think that if you have a good education that you will get a well-paying job and you will have a happy life. It might be a good start to that dream, but that is not all it takes. I was talking to some students the other day and I asked them what they do for “fun”. They study, they all said earnestly. Studying aside, I prompted them. They play sport or do music, they cried. And what do you do with your friends, I wanted to know. The silence was terrible.

Being social is a very important life skill, it will open as many doors for you as as good college education. Go to parties, make small talk, show other people you are interested in them. For many folks this does not come naturally – present company included. But the more you do it, the better you become at it. It is all part of growing up and life.

Many of life’s best deals are done over cups of coffee or glasses of beer or wine. You are your own public relations person. Make sure that people know you as sociable, confident and competent. Learn to smile, talk about the weather, ask after boyfriends, parents, children and cats. A warm smile and a firm handshake can take you a long way.

Susan Ramsay is the Young Post Editor. Through this column she shares her life experiences in the hope that it will inspire Hong Kong teenagers.

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