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Philosophy Creme Brulee shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath

September 23, 2010

So I visited cosmetics heaven Sephora the other day (finally!) and could not resist trying out the Philosophy Creme Brulee shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath ($21CA/ 473mL) to see if it really has this creme brulee flavor Philosophy claims it has.

The product is a medium consistency, aromatic shampoo, bubble bath and shower gel; three products in one bottle of yumminess. It’s hard to describe the smell in any other way but actually creme brulee! Being a past addict of lipsmackers (I had over 50 flavours of  them), I am no stranger to sweet pastry shop/fruity/crazy scents.

The product itself has a  sweet, pungent vanilla scent. The moment I opened the cap, my mouth started watering. For those of you who remember, I am really passionate about food (especially desserts) so this was giving me a VERY good impression: almost like a little taste of heaven.

After using the products three or four times, I’m pretty confident in what I’m going to say. Yes, it is a luxurious product and makes me happy each time I lather it on. However, this delicious smell does not linger 😦 and this product does NOT have a pump which makes application a lot more difficult. I paid $21.00 for this product (equivalent to $168HKD); I need to control how much I use!

Taking all things into consideration, this is not a must buy product. It doesn’t do anything special to your skin (except for those fleeting moments in the shower when you can smell the yummyness). Still, this would be a great confidence booster or a pick me up on a rainy day – remember guys, good food cures everything :]

Product: 4/5
Packaging: 3/5
Value: 3/5
Ease of Use: 2.5/5

TOTAL: 12.5/20

Stay Gorgeous

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