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My Personal Style

September 27, 2010

Personal style is something that every girl and a lot of guys struggle with. It took me a while to figure out what I like and what works for me. I used to be an “anti-girl wear” and think “ewww, why would anyone wear a mini skirt or tank top,” although I was never too much of a jeans&tee girl. And look at me now!

How did I get there? Well, I explored, tried out, took some risks, and above all, I asked myself the dreaded question: who am I?

What you wear affects the way people perceive you. In fact, during a lecture the other day, I learned that it only takes one tenth of a second for a person to make an impression after meeting someone for the first time; the visual sense is probably what people rely on most at first. So it is important that the way you look conveys the right message about you.

What happened for me is that after experimenting, I found that did have a feminine side afterall. I found that my personal style comes from combining my unpredicatable nature with my feminine side, which, translated into fashion, gives a mixed look of hard (leather, etc) and soft (dress, floral pattern, etc).

I’m totally unpredictable and concoct the weirdest outfits. I love having fashion ‘accidents’ because sometimes out of these “oops!” comes a Fashion Holy Grail moment for me. The picture on top is a perfect example of this. I wore this outfit in Tokyo for the first time. At the time I only had two pairs of shoes (a pair of flip flops and these converses), and it is out of necessity that this outfit was born. At first, I didn’t think the outfit would work, but I had to wear something… and THIS happened.

This fortuitous outfit is also a great example of my personal style. On the one hand I’m wearing a floral romper with a thick belt, and on the other a (faux) leather jacket and accessorising the outfit with a metal cuff, grungy converses (with customised Japanese inspired laces), acid pink nail polish and silver rose earrings.

Where did I buy this stuff?
Metal Cuff : Jardines Bazaar (Causeway Bay, Hong Kong)
Earings: Causeway Place (Causeway Bay, Hong Kong)
Leather Jacket: Island Beverly (Causeway Bay, Hong Kong)
Converse: Harbor Plaza (Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong)
Japanese Inspired Laces  (Yokohama, Tokyo)
Nail varnish: LA Colors Color Craze in NP405 Electric Charge (Claires, Ontario)
Romper – Naked Bunch (Daikanyama, Tokyo)

Before signing off, I just want to emphasise one point. This is MY personal style. I’m here just to give ideas. And despite my little blurb calling me a trendsetter, I don’t follow trends, I wear what I like when I like it.

If you haven’t found your style yet, be patient. It takes time to figure out what you like, what works for you and who you are. But if you keep trying you’ll get there. Be original, be you, because that’s what really catches people’s eyes and not the latest must have item (or dupe!).

Stay gorgeous

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