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Street Interview: Janice Chan

October 8, 2010

Name: Janice Chan
Age: 17
School: Australian International School
Spotted: In Causeway Bay

My style is… I don’t enjoy chasing after trends. The most important for me is to find what suits me the most. Flashy brands are fine by me, who doesn’t like big brands?  However, I think small boutiques who design their own collections are really nice with reasonable prices and a lower risk of bumping into someone with exactly the same set of clothes.

I am… a girl that enjoys summer at the beach, and like to have a healthy-looking body. Although I’m not too keen on sports. I love shopping, but I never get too excited when I go hunting for cool little outfits.

My favourite designer is… Italian fashion designer Miuccia Prada

I am wearing… a dress at at HKD357, gladiator sandals at HKD223 and a handbag at HKD386, all from boutiques in Granville Road, Tsim Sha Tsui.

I shop at…  the boutiques on Granville Road. I think they are a great starting point to find casual outfits at reasonable price and quality.

The story behind… my diamond earrings. My mother gave them to me. This has been a family tradition for generations: when a daughter turns sixteen in the family, the mother would give her those earrings as a symbol of her feminity. Now those earrings are quite vintage. Although they can seem classic for an outsider, they are very special to me. 

YP Junior Fashion Correspondents’ advice:

Thumbs up for: We loved the way she matched her dress with the shoes and handbag in such a simple and chic way. The dress is fabulous for this season with denim clothing being so ‘in’ at the moment. Autumn may be stepping in, but the gladiator sandals are still out.

Word of advice: Be careful on the choice of handbag. For greater result, why not try pairing the dress with a camel suede handbag?

Interview by Alexander Lee

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  1. November 13, 2010 9:46 pm

    if you like diamond earrings, you can look on the internet for other designs that would suit you ~’-

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