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Inspired by love

October 28, 2010

The first thing I did this morning when I woke up was carrying my MacBook  to the living room and turning it on. My computer is my daily newspaper. First things first, I went to Facebook for ‘news’ of friends (that’s why it’s called news feed, right?). And there it is, a note written by a college friend, declaring his love for his girlfriend of nine months. It was about how they’ve been through ups and downs, how they’ve fought with each other and made up, and finally came this far. I liked it. I really did.

The note gave me a sudden urge to go through my own blog posts. And so I did. I’ve written a post a few months ago, titled ‘Death will never understand the passion of two lovers’, which I’m pretty sure is quoted from some story I was so obsessed with at the time. It’s about, well, love. This is what I wrote: ‘have we ever thought about that in a world of reality, where things such as superiority and inferiority, benefits and costs, power struggles and briberies, wars and deaths do exist and matter, when it comes to love, maybe we can let ‘being realistic and practical’ die down a bit, and let love in? Because honestly, how many chances in life do we get when we can NOT care about anything and just let ourselves fall?’

My friend and his girlfriend perfectly demonstrated what I wanted to convey in my blog post. They kept holding on despite the heavy workload from school and tutorials. They are letting the love they have between them take control. I’m surprised I still mean and believe in what I wrote, because most of the time, what I write in my blog are usually random thoughts that pop up and desperately want to get their way out. I thought the new experiences I went through in these past few months shaped me into a whole new person. I thought the way I see things shifted drastically. Now that I‘ve dug this post out, I realise that maybe I’m still who I was back in high school. The life principles in which I believe are still those that I believed in back then. And because I regained directions of life through my own scribblings, I figured I should start writing more frequently again – my latest post dates October 9, and it only consists of two and a half lines. Uh, guilty.

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