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Brain Game 11.11.2010

November 11, 2010

the brain game


This week’s question:

“What’s the best thing to do on a stormy night?”

Elizabeth Pong, 14, St Stephen’s Girls’ College

It may sound weird to throw a slumber party on a stormy night, but I think that’s the best way to spend the hours. With just a few friends and sleeping bags, we can do whatever we want. We would also be cosy and safe indoors. We can bake treats for our parents and classmates, and experiment with all sorts of ingredients. This is really fun when you are doing it with your friends, and even if the treats aren’t very tasty, you could have a good laugh about it. Of course, it would be great if your treats are yummy. Your parents and classmates would be really impressed when you show them your “creations”.

Christy Lai, 15, Ho Fung College

With strong winds and heavy rain, accompanied by thunder and lightning, I would love to stay at home with my family. Why not treasure this opportunity and do some family-oriented activities? Very often we focus on our studies and parents have to work all day. Therefore, home becomes a place where we have breakfast, dinner, and then sleep. Yet, home is also a place where family members should enjoy being with each other. I’d like to play board games or watch a movie together with my family on such a night.

Balwinder Singh, 15, Delia Memorial School (Hip Wo)

I would like to do a meaningful activity during a stormy night. For example, I could try to solve a Sudoku or crossword puzzle. These “mind games” can help improve my maths and English skills. Sudoku is a number-placement puzzle – we are given a partially completed grid, and it requires a unique solution. As for crosswords, I might have to come up with new words or phrases, helping to expand my vocabulary. Doing these puzzles can help me get better grades in school.

Alice Leung, 16, Ho Fung College

I am not a vampire so I wouldn’t want to leave the house on a stormy night. Instead I would stay at home and have a singalong with my family in front of the fireplace. I would play the acoustic guitar, my dad would play the djembe drums and my brother would play the tambourine. A singalong is very meaningful because we get to leave our computer and television to do something fun with our family members. We could learn to be in tune with each other and build up our “chemistry”.

Alexander Chuk, 15, Diocesan Boys’ School

I would really like to tell you to get out of your flat, enjoy nature and get really wet, but this kind of “extreme sport” doesn’t sound very appropriate. Besides updating your Facebook account and feeling cheerful because you didn’t have to go to school since it’s been pouring all day, try lying on your bed and listening to the endless tapping of raindrops on your window. It’s a good time to relax, and enjoy the peace and harmony brought about by nature.

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