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Paying attention to discrimination

November 12, 2010

I read an article in LA Times for homework, and I definitely got something out of it other than my essay. The writer discussed the results of two UN reports on how women’s social status changed in the past decade. We do see improvements: in Kenya, more children, especially girls, were able to receive elementary education when the government decided to abolish school fees in 2003. However, despite the effort of the people and the society who claimed to be fighting for sexual equality, the results show that women are still lagging behind men in most of the categories examined: work, education, poverty and life expectancy. The problem of sexual violence persists.

English Studies lecture, Dr. Gould, the lecturer asked us the question. And she said when she asked her other class which consists of all American students

The article brings me back to one of my English Studies lectures which was about feminism in the book Emma by Jane Austen. Our professor said at the beginning of the lecture: for those who never discriminates others and consider equality the basic principle of life raise up your hand. No one did, not even one among 180 students. She then asked the same thing to another one of her classes wich consists of all American students, most of them, in fact, raised their hands high up in the air without much thinking.

No offense, but how many Americans voted for the Republicans just because President Obama is black?

I know equality is still, to a certain extent, a superficial idea. It is impossible for everyone to treat everything with complete fairness. Who would frown or even scowl when some mainlanders are in the same shop as you are, talking super loudly, commenting on this and that? I would. Ever came across cases when the bus captains or staffs from the MTR station have to help passengers that are physically challenged to get on to the bus or the cabin? Sometimes I’d think “Hmph. This is taking too long.” But hey, I would hold the door for one of my classmates, who is, unfortunately, physically challenged, when I’m not in a hurry to my next class.

That’s nothing, I know. But I’m trying. Are you?

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