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Brain Game 18.11.2010

November 18, 2010

the brain game


This week’s question:

“What’s the best way to keep students awake in class?”

Christy Lai, 15, Ho Fung College

As a student, we long for a funny teacher to give us some interesting lessons that could make us stay attentive. But this is something we hope for. But if we were all allowed to drink soft drinks or eat snacks, that would definitely keep our eyes open. The ultimate solution is to turn on the air con full blast – that would keep us awake. That’s what tutorial schools do.

Elizabeth Pong, 14, St Stephen’s Girls’ College

It’s very common for students to fall asleep in class. But I think the problem can be solved if teachers and students co-operate. Students fall asleep easily when the lesson is boring, so if the teacher could work on his or her humour to come up with some jokes, the students would be more attentive. Also, teachers could give students a short break in the middle of the lesson and let them walk around a little. That would wake us up. I think a “universal nap time” would be a marvellous idea. Some schools have a universal reading time, so why not a short 10-minute universal nap time?

Alice Leung, 16, Ho Fung College

Most people would say when teachers teach in a more interactive way, students will not sleep during class. But I’d like to suggest a more practical way that’s guaranteed to work. Schools can set up nap time for students, just like when we were in kindergarten. Nap time doesn’t have to be long – half an hour would be good enough. It has been proven that a 20-minute nap can refuel someone’s energy. If students were re-energised halfway through the day, they would have a fresh mind and would not fall asleep.

Balwinder Singh, 15, Delia Memorial School (Hip Wo)

To prevent students from falling asleep in class, the teacher should do something that can really grab the students’ attention. For example, the teacher can use eye-catching props to get the students to pay attention. Or the teacher could engage in interactive teaching, so he or she would not be the only one talking. The teacher could even get the students to lead the class or to play some games to keep them engaged.

Votes close on Tuesdays at noon.

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