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When brainstorming doesn’t work

November 22, 2010

I stared at a clean white sheet of Microsoft Word document for 5 minutes, trying to create a beautiful speech for the Society’s Inauguration ceremony next friday. I stared at the screen, hoping black alphabets would magically start putting themselves together with the right spacings without my fingers moving. Obviously it did not happen. So I turned from something serious, to here. I always consider writing a leisure, and even more so when I’m scribbling bits and pieces of memories down onto my journal, since I don’t have to worry about diction and grammar. But this speech adds in a little bit of pressure. What am I going to say?

Should I keep my personal style? But it may be a little too informal… How about the usual lines people go for speeches? Nah. Boring. And this process goes on forever.

“It’s all about striking a balance!” Whoever said that – we’ve known it as a fact for so long now. But how? “Keep it on the margin of formality, but don’t lose your personal style. Make it interesting but no jokes. Don’t forgo every standard bits, but don’t bore your audience to death either.” Ha. Easy for you to say. “That’s still what you’re going to opt for right?” Uh. Busted.

Just another example of my not-so-formal style.

Some advice maybe?

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