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Shoes: how many pairs do you have?

November 24, 2010

My history teacher back in Grade 9 had 100+ back then. To sort out her shoes, she put labels and pictures in clear boxes in order to identify them and never wore the same pair of shoes in one month. I have about 20-30 pairs of shoes in total (including the ones I left in Hong Kong) – whilst to most that might be too little, I think that this is way more than I need.

On average, most girls I know here in Canada have 10-14 pairs of shoes (tentatively- apart from two of my friends who have over 25 pairs of shoes in their closets) which consists of the following: 1-2 pair of boots, 2-3 pairs of canvas shoes/ converses, 2-3 pairs of heels and 1-2 pair of flats. Keep in mind though because we are in uni, we don’t have every item of clothing/accessory on us – but I think this is really all you need. In my personal collection, I have 15 pairs of shoes (one of them being a pair of snow boots – which I really Do need or I’ll trip and fall on the icy/snow ground).

But I was thinking today… How many of those pairs of shoes do I actually need?
1) Black heels for formal attire
2) Sport shoes for rainy days
3) Casual pair of canvas shoes
4) One pair of dressy/casual flats
I actually need 4 pair of shoes.

Guys are so much simpler. After raiding a couple of my friend’s closets, I found that not one of them had more than four pairs of shoes… With one guy having only two pair of shoes (and that was after he brought another pair from home three weeks ago). For me, this is incredible. Even though I am not much of a ‘shoe’ person, I do put thought into what shoes will go with what outfit, for what occasion and how it complements my accessories/skin. It is incredulous to me that there is a ONE-PAIR-FOR-ALL for guys.

For fun, I’ve taken pictures of my friends’ shoes. Can you guess which collection of shoes are mine?

Stay gorgeous

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  1. December 7, 2010 8:48 pm

    I have 6 pairs of shoes and I’m a guy. Hope I’m not too out of the ordinary.

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