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Time doesn’t fly, it vanishes

December 5, 2010

Whoa. It’s December in a blink of an eye. It seems like yesterday that I first set foot in the university campus as a student, doing all the registration work, signing up for orientation functions and clubs. And now, the semester has ended. It’s been four months but it seems more like four WEEKS.

SO MUCH has happened in these four months that I don’t know where to begin talking about them.

What they say about university being a miniature version of the real world is, sadly, true. All those new faces who appear friendly, waving and smiling when they see you, laughing over some stupid jokes with you and asking questions as if they are interested to know more about you, please beware that some of them (hopefully only a few among the tens and hundreds) are just…pretending.

I speak with experience. But what happened with those pretenders meant nothing other than another contribution to me growing up bit by bit.

I’m glad, no, I’m honored to have met my fellow executive committee members of the History Society. Simply the thought of working together with them in the coming year thrills me. Sure, there will be hard times, there were hard times, but we fought our way through them, and now we’re stronger and more bonded than ever, why not keep them coming?

And yes university students don’t start doing their papers and essays until the earliest, 5 days, and the latest, 7 hours before the deadline. I dare say I can speak for most of my friends on that. My facebook news feed is packed with messages like ‘1000/2000 words through…’ or ‘yessss finally done!’ these few days. This is totally wicked.

So far, this university life is everything I’ve expected, and so much more. Three years is too short we all agree eh?

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