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Day 3: southermost city of the world

December 8, 2010
Everyone was on time for breakfast, which proved that the memories of the push up punishment for those who were late the night before must have soken in poroperly to the group members. Breakfast wasd a wonderful affair – with nice continental dishes catering to everyone’s needs.
After breakfast we were rushed off to Buenos Aires domestic airport, which is right next to the river Plate. The river Plate is the widest river in the world, with its mouth in the Atlantic ocean stretching to some 180 KM wide in places.
When it was time for our friendly tourguide from the Buenos to wish us a good trip, she left us with some interesting parting words: “the Antarctic is beautiful, so beautiful that if it were art, it would be Michaelango’s; if it were music, it would be Mozart’s; if it were literature, it would be a work of Shakespeare.” This was food for thought as we boarded the plane for Ushuaia, the southermost city of the world.
Our journey was one through a gigantic mass of clouds – which only broke when  we finally apoproached the city. To our astonishment, the clouds receded to reveal glorious snow packed peaks, which were the Andes’ grand finale before the land itself gave way to the relentless waves of the southern Ocean and beyond.
With a stunning view from the hotel, we spent the rest of the day taking pictures and trying to acclimatise with the vastly colder weather than in the capital city –  until we were summoned in to a glorious Argentinian Steak dinner and a second session of formulating our research projects for the duration of the boat trip.
Tomorrow, we go hiking in the Andes to experience the glory of land’s end: Patagonia in South america. After that, our real journey finally begins – our venture into the frozen kingdom of Antarctica!
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